Voter Information Network was developed by a group of dedicated conservatives who are concerned with the survival of our nation due to the fiscal irresponsibility and unconstitutional actions of our federal government.

VIN is a Communications Hub for all the conservative organizations in the state of Michigan.  It is built upon a state of the art voter information database and will allow for supporting conservative issues, candidates and cross support of conservative organizations.

VIN is building a system that will be available to various conservative groups in the state of Michigan such as:

  • Tea Party organizations
  • 9-12 groups
  • Campaign for Liberty organizations
  • GOP Clubs
  • Right to Life groups
  • Home Schooling networks
  • Conservative Candidates
  • Republican Organizations
Each organization that joins in the hub will have ownership of all their data independent of everyone else.  Access to other's database will be via negotiated agreements between the organizations.  Please visit the Concepts Page tab above for a more in-depth discussion of the Hub.

Please note that this is a strictly volunteer project; no one on the start up team has been or will be compensated for their time. This is a grass roots effort for the grass roots.

If you are interested in learning more about the Voter Information Network, please visit the About VIN page. The FAQ page also offers a list of questions already asked.

If you still need more help in deciding if VIN is right for you or your group, please visit the Contact Us page to submit your question. A Voter Information Network representative will be in contact with you very soon.

David Brat Uses rVotes to Defeat Eric Cantor!
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s pollster is blaming thousands of Democratic voters for his client’s surprise primary loss on Tuesday but David Brat’s campaign didn’t spend any time targeting Democrats, at least according to one of Brat’s consultants.

Steve Adler, creator of rVotes explains the evolution of the system.

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