Fraud, Waste & Abuse:  In its role as custodian of “other people’s money,” government is inherently susceptible to fraud, waste and abuse.  Ill-used revenues can become a self-perpetuating problem that will eventually grow government to unsustainable levels.  Tracking taxpayer money is a key part of Voter Information Network’s ethical oversight mission.

Media:   Media is supposed to work as a watchdog against government corruption and injustice.  But too often, media outlets are bought and paid for by the very people doing the stealing.  As part of our overall mission, Voter Information Network will keep an eye on the media and make it a priority to call them out when they work against the greater public interest.

Government Overreach:   Voter Information Network supports a government that imposes the least constraint on individual, entrepreneurial, and property rights freedoms.  We will cover and work to expose those agencies and person who abuse their power. 

Justice System:  As final arbiters in a government based on laws, our justice system functions as the linchpin for larger ethical issues.  That process starts at the top, with judges.  Those who impose unfair, inequitable or excessive sentences or “legislate from the bench” risk impeding every citizen’s right to fair treatment under the law.  Further down the chain, a key part of judicial process is the broad discretion State Attorneys retain to investigate and prosecute criminal cases.  This can result in minor infractions being trumped up for political motives.  Equally problematic, prosecutors can wrongly exercise discretion and allow a select few to escape justice.  At ground level, police and jail authorities are central elements of community law & order that wield a great deal of power over individual citizens, including the use of deadly force.  VIN monitors all justice system processes; from arresting authorities to judges; to ensure those institutions exercise power ethically and equally for every citizen.